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Project Exhibition

During their tenure with us, we want our students to produce impactful and lasting work. In a project-based environment, exhibition events allow students to share with their immediate and larger communities, giving them authentic audiences that further provide purpose and practicality to work. The onset of COVID-19 and our subsequent move to virtual learning served as an inspiring catalyst to develop this space as an alternative to our communal presentations of learning as well as provide opportunities to remain connected, even while we’re apart.

Our History

In 2017, Crosstown High was named one of 19 XQ Super Schools in the U.S., having earlier submitted an application for the XQ Super School Challenge — an open call to the nation to rethink and redesign the American high school. In the fall of 2015, a team of more than 70 Memphis parents, educators, students, business people and other community leaders volunteered their time to envision an innovative new high school for Memphis students that would take full advantage of the unique location of Crosstown Concourse. Many of the original XQ team members are still involved today as XTH staff, board members and parents of current students. Crosstown High benefits from the resources, training, and connections to other innovative schools and institutions that XQ offers. In the 2020-2021 school year, Crosstown High will serve 400 students in grades 9-11, ultimately growing to 500+ students in grades 9-12 in the following school year.

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