Dear Crosstown Family,

Welcome back!

YETI-CON, our spring exhibition, will be held on our physical campus located in the Crosstown Concourse, Saturday, May 22, 2021. As a project-based high school we exhibit student work throughout our space, and welcome our community to engage with the thoughtful work our student leaders are creating. 

In addition to in-class presentations of learning, we conduct two Exhibitions per school year: our mid-year Prototype Fair, that concludes the fall semester and YETI-CON, concluding the spring semester. Prototype Fair acknowledges works in progress by prioritizing feedback and establishing best practices. YETI-CON encompasses selected work from the school year highlighting the life cycles of projects and challenges students to apply feedback within their own design thinking process. 

On May 22, 2021, we will celebrate the work of our students through physical and virtual installations, live music performances, a pop-up bazaar, and networking fair. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about YETI-CON’s event logistics and student participation. 



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If you interested in learning about what it takes to curate, manage an event, or you have a hankering for being apart of something bigger than yourself, click the button below to submit your interest via Google form today! Your Project Curator, Danielle Tyler, will be in touch with you!

Why is YETI-CON on the weekend?

  • Saturday, May 22 accounts for the end of the year testing dates as well as the hours and manpower the project curator will need to install a quality exhibition. We want to ensure our XTH community has the luxury to visit and savor this end of the year celebration.
  • How do I attend YETI-CON?

  • Advance RSVP is required. Our XTH community can RSVP using the invitation link we will send to our LISTSERV, beginning the week of May 3rd. Both students and parents must RSVP to gain entrance into the school May 22. The session hours of YETI-CON will be from 9:30 – 11:30 pm and from 1:30 – 3:30 pm. You will indicate your preference through your RSVP.
  • What if I’m unable to ATTEND MAY 22, 2021?

  • A majority of installations will be available to view via this gallery website; however, some recordings of any live presentations will not be available until after May 22.
  • Although some works may remain up, YETICON is a singular event without any repeat performances or networking opportunities.

    What safety measures will be in place?

    Submit to a temperature check at the school entrance (anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed to enter)

    Face coverings: Wear a mask over both the nose and mouth at all times

    Physical distancing: Wherever possible, all visitors must abide physical distancing guidelines—maintaining a six-foot distance from others not part of your visiting group.

    We reserve the right to require visitors who do not follow our face covering and physical distancing guidelines to leave the premises immediately. Any visitors who are disrespectful or discourteous to other guests, staff, or volunteers—or engage in behaviors that are disruptive of others’ enjoyment of the installations, blocking pathways, or soliciting —may also be asked to leave.

    What activities will be available during YETI-CON and what will be on view?

  • In addition to selected student work throughout our school’s gallery space, we will have live music performances, a pop-up Bazaar with student merchandise for purchase, and an intimate networking fair with community partners and local colleges.
  • Is YETI-CON for a grade?

  • YETI-CON is not for a grade. There are presentations of learning in each class that students should fulfill, demonstrating that they have satisfied the requirements to pass that class. The Project Curator does not grade work. A curator helps develop and receive work that is finished and ready to present.
  • Will YETI-CON display work from every student?

  • Every student has an equal opportunity to participate in YETI-CON by submitting quality work; however, there are certain parameters that are in place to ensure quality work is received. May 7 is a marker all teachers are using to wrap up work for the semester. May 14th is the FINAL deadline by which work will be received. Students who are able to meet these markers will have work in YETICON.
  • How is work selected for YETI-CON’s gallery? 

  • Teachers will take the aforementioned deadlines and qualifications into consideration as they submit a list of pre-selected students on track to assignment/project completion in time for YETI-CON.
  • How will I know if my work has been selected FOR YETI-CON? 

    You will receive communication from your Project Curator and individual teacher(s) beginning the week of May 3rd. Your Project Curator will contact you with the necessary steps to submit all materials needed for project installation. 

    If you want to be in YETI-CON, but are unsure you have been pre-selected, be proactive and contact the teacher of the class whose work you would like to submit to the Project Curator.

    If I am selected, do I have to physically present my work in-person on May 22, 2021?

    No. You will submit all of your presentation of learning materials, albeit a pre-recorded presentation, powerpoint, or artifacts by May 14th. 

    If you would prefer to present in person, please contact Ms. Danielle Tyler:

    If I am not selected, does this mean I’m finished for the year?

  • HA! No. Until you have satisfied your teacher’s presentation of learning requirements (your final work)…. You got work to do.
  • What should I do to ensure I have work in YETI-CON?

  • If you want to ensure you are in YETI-CON, please contact Ms. Danielle Tyler:
  • When should I submit all materials to my Project Curator for YETI-CON?

  • FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021
  • Is it optional to attend YETI-CON?

  • Yes, YETI-CON is not mandatory. Have you ever known a celebration that was? Probably wasn’t that fun, huh?
  • If students aren’t presenting live, what will YETICON look like?

  • Student work will be installed throughout the entire school space and featured on our Crosstown High Gallery website. Once admitted, all visitors will be provided materials for self guided tours of the work led by wayfinding markers throughout the school.
  • Whether or not my class work is selected, are there additional ways to participate in YETI-CON preparations?

    If you have been working on anything outside of class for a club or on your own, your Project Curator wants to honor that time you put in! Please Contact Ms. Danielle Tyler:

    If you would like to participate behind the scenes and help coordinate YETI-CON, there are sign up links below.


    If you interested in learning about what it takes to curate, manage an event, or you have a hankering for being apart of something bigger than yourself, click the button below to submit your interest via Google form today! Your Project Curator, Danielle Tyler, will be in touch with you!

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