physical science: Ready to work it?

How can the students and staff of Crosstown High School stay physically active and connect with each other during virtual learning? This is the question our Freshmen class sought to answer their first quarter of virtual school in the course Lifetime Wellness.

With an understanding of the importance of being healthy and the greater need for physical activity during COVID-19, Coach Swan asked her students to research fitness sources to create a fitness website. Students worked in teams with specific roles to complete the final product: a fully functional fitness webpage that will be free for all students and staff at Crosstown High to access and complete daily physical activities. 

Check below for quick videos our students have created using Tik Tok and iMovie as they worked their way to full workout videos.

Better yet, get up and move!

McKale Cabral, 9th Grade
Evie Turley, 9th Grade
Quenterria Evans, 9th Grade
Brooklyn Swift, 9th Grade
Jireh Joyner, 9th Grade
Maggie Brown, 9th Grade
Kennedy Collins, 9th Grade

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