Self Discovery: summer exploration by micah owens

In place of a traditional summer reading program, we rolled out a multi-media, summer exploration plan. This plan featured a variety of suggestions and choices for reading, watching, listening, and experiencing that covered a wide range of media options….from podcasts and movies to novels and works of visual art. As students browsed, they were asked to consider the theme connected with their grade level.

Check out our list here!

Above image by Mason Owens

We all have problems finding ourselves, because we all want to fit into society’s standards. In the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, the main character Arthur is an outsider in his own Indian Reservation. Arthur decides to go to school with the white kids in town even if he doesn’t have a ride to school some mornings, an empty stomach, or no lunch money. Obviously, the people at his new high school didn’t really welcome him with open arms due to his race and how scrawny looking he was. This makes me reflect on myself and think how does this relate to me as a person?

As an African American teenager in the 20th century I will eventually experience some of the hardships Arthur went through with today’s society. Should I just give up and back down? Should I run in the corner and scurry away like a mouse? Although being confident is one of my core values, if i was in Arthur’s shoes I would have probably given up. However, we can’t do that, I can’t do that. In the face of racism and hardships I can’t give in. If I’ve learned anything with this book and how my quarantine has been, I’ve learned that if you keep pushing change will come.

–Micah Owens, 9th Grade

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