Stamped: Summer Exploration by johnjalyn willis

In place of a traditional summer reading program, we rolled out a multi-media, summer exploration plan. This plan featured a variety of suggestions and choices for reading, watching, listening, and experiencing that covered a wide range of media options….from podcasts and movies to novels and works of visual art. As students browsed, they were asked to consider the theme connected with their grade level.

Check out our list here!

Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and YOU by Ibram Kendi and Jason Reynolds explained racism and anti-racism from a view where younger readers could understand. The ninth grade theme question “Who Am I?” gave me a different outlook on life. I’m an African American teenager in the 21st century facing racism. With current events I’ve taken it upon myself to dig deeper for the reasons behind it all. This book answered questions about racism I’ve had my entire life. And offered answers to questions I hadn’t thought to ask. After reading and earning more about systemic racism I’ve become more informed, realizing everyday challenges African Americans have always faced. Maybe one day so will I. I would recommend this book because it’s a book all races could benefit from. It’s an excellent place to start or continue your journey on being informed.

–Johnjalyn Willis

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