Untitled by Makiyah Vann

“I created a brain and heart that’s split in half with yok in the middle like an egg. I also have a cup of water that’s overflowing. All of these items represent different things. The “cracked egg” with the heart and brain represents the fight between peoples’ heart and mind. There’s been so much that has come with this horrific event. People don’t know what to do or if some things are worth the risk. The overflowing cup represents anxiety, depression, or stress. There are people at home suffering from these things because of staying home. Not everyone is able to cope with staying at home for so long and not everyone has a safe home to stay in. I fear for people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from because they depend on work to get what they need. Lastly, there are people who are losing family everyday, and I’m sure it’s hard for them to cope with that.” 

Makiyah Vann, Paper

These pieces are in response to the art project “Boundaries.” Students were asked to create an art piece that highlights a boundary formed because of social distancing. 

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