Everyone’s a Critic: Documentary Reviews

Prompted by Environment Science teacher Moira Tescher, sophomores created their own custom response to a documentary of their choice. Their responses had to demonstrate mastery of the competency Engage as a Citizen (Examine Enduring Problems). For more information on our competencies, visit https://www.crosstownhigh.org/competencies/. If you’ve seen any of the films below, be sure to comment with your thoughts!

Jabbed: Love, Fear, and Vaccines 2013

Noah Sandler

I Am a Killer 2018

I am a killer provides the perspective of inmates and affected families and friends. It provides insight on the outcome of the crimes that were committed and why they were committed.

Dallas King

Don’t **** With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer 2019

Asher Crouch

Rotten, Episode 4 “Big Bird” 2018

Rachel Carroll

Tiger King 2020

Bella Lomax

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